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Bank of England raises UK interest rates

August 02, 2018  |   Blog,Uncategorized   |     |   0 Comment

The UK interest rate rises to 0.75% the highest level since March 2009

House prices fall 0.1% in August 2017

August 29, 2017  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

The average price of a home fell 0.1% in August to £210,495, taking the annual growth rate down to 2.1% from 2.9% in July. Latest figures from Nationwide

Redwood Bank launches new mortgage offering

August 29, 2017  |   Blog,Uncategorized   |     |   0 Comment

A new bank has opened its doors. Redwood Bank is offering a cloud-based infrastructure which will be the first of its kind from a banking point of view. The bank will have its headquarters in Letchworth and Warrington Borough Council will have a 33% stake in the company. Another bank adding its mortgages to the mix can only be good news, enabling a more competitive market place for mortgage shoppers.    

Bank of England to place limits on buy-to-let mortgages

November 17, 2016  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

The Bank of England will be granted new powers to curb mortgage lending for buy to let investors to protect the economy from a possible collapse in the sector, it was announced on Wednesday. From early 2017, the Bank will have the authority, via the UK financial regulators, to limit buy-to-let mortgage lending, both in terms of loan-to-value limits, and affordability of repayments.

Equity Release – Retirement Lending

August 18, 2016  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Unlock tax-free cash and no monthly repayments to make! A lifetime mortgage allows you to release money from your home. You can choose whether or not to make any interest payments throughout the life of the mortgage. This mortgage (as well as any accumulated interest or charges) will be repaid when you die or you move into long-term care using the money that’s generated from the sale of your home. How much money you can release ...

Equity Release New Record Lending

November 11, 2015  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

*The Equity Release Council’s Q3 lending figures showed another record breaking quarter for lending: £452.6m

Tax Free Cash from your Property

April 16, 2015  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Want to know how you can turn the cash that's locked in your home into a tax-free cash lump sum? Then you'll need to get in touch with an experienced mortgage advisor who can provide you with expert advice that's tailored to your needs. Many people who are looking for mortgage advice join forces with Avenue Financial Services. Based in Solihull, the company serves clients throughout the West Midlands and beyond. The firm has an ...

Equity Release Hits New High

April 01, 2015  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion Plans are now seen as an alternative way in creating a cash lump sum or income drawdown. In circumstances where individuals are asset rich but cash poor, sums raised can be used for holidays, home improvements or to help with the cost of living.

Relevant Life

March 09, 2015  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Put Life Cover On Expenses. A Relevant Life Plan is a cost efficient way of offering life cover to you or your employees. It’tax efficient and, in most cases, premiums can be treated as an allowable business expense by HMRC. With Corporation tax relief available, no additional income tax or NI to pay, it’s good business for both you and your employees

Private Medical Insurance

March 09, 2015  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Delighted to now include PruHealth Vitality on our panel of private medical insurance providers. Our coverage now includes AXA, Bupa, Aviva & Vitality.


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